The Benefits Of Having The Events Calendar Plugin On A WordPress Website

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“The Events Calendar Plugin”

Small businesses and nonprofit organizations should have the Events Calendar plugin installed on their WordPress website. That way, they can generate events on their website and add fields, such as the date, time, and location information for those gatherings (“ Copyright Date Unknown.” and “Modern Tribe. 2016.”).

“Benefits of Events Calendar Plugin”


Organizations receive several benefits from the Events Calendar plugin:
• Produce events that website visitors can view on a mobile device like a tablet (“ Copyright Date Unknown.”). The US Commerce Department’s NTIA indicates that the majority of people who live in the United States access the internet via mobile devices (“USA Today. October 15, 2014 at 9:05 p.m. EDT.”).
• Generate a map so that website visitors can find the location of the event (“Muldoon. September 30, 2014, 2004-2016.”)
• Create events that can be viewed in list form (“ Copyright Date Unknown.”). Events that are placed in a list can be retained by some website visitors (“Maria Konnikova. December 2, 2013.”).


Entities should contact Solutions Resource if they need to have the Events Calendar plugin installed on their WordPress website. That way, Solutions Resource can place the plugin on their website at a cost that is financially feasible for the customer or potential client. Moreover, Solutions Resource can place this plugin on an organization’s website in a time period that works for them. Lastly, enterprises can visit Solutions Resource’s website to learn about the enterprise’s web development services and contact the company.


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Author: Tyler Nelson-Administrative and Marketing Intern At Solutions Resource, LLC

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