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We design appealing user-friendly websites that promote what you do.
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We are proud to speak of a decade of experience in web design and development. We can guide you through all of the aspects involved in creating your website – layout, design, navigation, graphics, imagery, and site architecture. We also incorporate digital marketing strategies and professional search engine optimization.
If you aim to grow your business and have your brand positioned in the market, having an effective website is one way to achieve it – and we can do it for you! With the help of our creative and professional web designers, we integrate appealing and user-friendly web designs that reflect your brand’s mission and identity.
Think of the way text and images are arranged in book, newspapers and magazines. These are the systems that were more or less directly carried over onto the web, and they work. Word to the wise: many designer has attempted to avoid the grid in the name of “creativity”; many such websites go unread
Good web pages are built in response to these measured reading patterns by placing important elements, like the logo, call to action or a key image, along the axes that the reader is expected to scan. These conventionally take either an “F” or a “Z” shape.
Web-Safe Fonts
In web design, serif fonts are always reserved for headlines, because at smaller sizes they become hard to read. Body text should generally be sans-serif. Keep the number of different fonts to a minimum, or it will start looking cluttered. 2, 3 at the most.
Like fonts, just stick 2 or 3. They should of course echo the host's branding, while serving to highlight important areas. As noted in the "visual hierarchy" section.
Don't use images simply as a way to fill space; visitors will pick up on this immediately and may lose interest in your page. Instead, only use images which communicates useful information - illustrating accompanying text or explaining something about the product being described.

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