Your Grocery Store Website Ready To Meet The Demand of Customers Looking For Autumn Food and Beverage Items


Many people enjoy purchasing food and beverage items, such as pumpkin and apple flavored food and beverage items, that companies offer during the fall season.  Therefore, grocery stores must offer food and beverage items, which includes caramel apple biscotti, that are popular during the autumn season (“First We Feast By. August 31, 2015.”).  This means that grocery stores need to place information about these items in the form of images, texts, links, and graphics on their website.  That way, website visitors can receive information about these items and decide whether or not they want to purchase those goods.

“Food Items That Grocery Stores Should Place On Their Website”

There are a variety of food and beverage items that retailers should place on their website that may not be offered by all of their competitors.  Some examples of food items that they should place on their website include pumpkin pie flavored frozen yogurt and pumpkin pie pizzas (“Blank. September 2013.”).  Other types of products that grocery stores should place on their website for the fall season include butternut squash and pecans.  Finally, retailers should place cranberries and pot pies on their website during the fall season (“Gelski. 12/21/2012.”).

“Importance of Placing Autumn Food Items On A Website”

Food and beverage retailers should place autumn food and beverage items, such as pumpkin and apple flavored products, on their website for a variety of reasons.  For example, many people enjoy purchasing and consuming these goods at that time of year (“Whitten. Friday, 14 Aug 2015, 4:05 PM ET.”).  In 2012, sales for autumn food items, which includes pumpkin flavored goods, were $307 million dollars.  Moreover, the percentage for pumpkin product sales between the months of September and November of 2012 was 70% (“Riberi. 10-1-2013.”).  Lastly, these merchants can receive new customers and website visitors on their website that other competing entities might not be able to attract.

“Provide Information About Autumn Products and Recipes On Website”

Grocery stores should provide information about the autumn food and beverage items that they place on their website.  For example, these retailers should place a link next to the product that takes people to the website of the distributor for where the product came from.  Another piece of information that those companies should place on their website includes links to recipes that website visitors could use to prepare food items with those seasonal products.  That way, those retailers could motivate these website visitors to purchase their autumn products and stay on their website for a long time.  Lastly, those firms should provide website visitors with tips that they can follow for storing these items for a long period of time.

“Implications for Solutions Resource”

As a web design and development firm, Solutions Resource should research the trends that exist in fall food and beverage items if it creates websites for grocery stores.  That way, the firm can find images and content of seasonal autumn products that their audience should have on their website.  Additionally, Solutions Resource can place this content on its markets’ websites so that the business can produce a website that promotes those retailers’ products.  Finally, customers and potential clients should visit Solutions Resource’s website at to learn about the company’s web development services and contact the firm if they have questions.


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By: Tyler Nelson -Administrative and Marketing Intern At Solutions Resource, LLC

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