Why Small Businesses Should Use WordPress For Their Websites

Small businesses must have a website so that they can provide their markets with information about why they should conduct business with them (“Leinbach-Reyhle. September 29, 2014.”). Not all of the technologies, such as JavaScript and Python, however, that are used to create websites are simple for all firms to use. This means that some companies need a technology for their website that does not require them to have programming experience in order to make changes to their website. One technology that those enterprises can use to create their websites without knowing any languages, which includes HTML, is WordPress (“Biglione. February 25, 2014”).

“Cost Effective”
Small businesses should have their websites created in WordPress because they do not have to spend a large sum of money to have it built with this technology. This means that businesses will not incur a large cash outflow that they would otherwise incur if they hired a web design professional to create their website with technologies, such as HTML or CSS (“LinchPinSEO. July 9, 2015.”). Similarly, firms will not incur a large cash outflow that they would otherwise incur if they needed to host their website on a domain name (“LinchPinSEO. July 9, 2015”). Finally, enterprises can create a website in WordPress without incuring any licensing fees (“Witzky. Copyright Date Unknown.”).


“Ease of Making Updates”

Small businesses can easily place the information that they need to place on a WordPress website. Although anyone can place content on a website that is created with a technology program, such as Dreamweaver or Brackets, businesses and people have to be knowledgeable with coding and HTML in order to place this content on a website (“WPresstic Team. July 28, 2015”). If, however, a business creates a website in WordPress, then they do not have to have a background in HTML or coding in order to place the information that they need to place on a WordPress website (“Biglione. February 25, 2014.”). Finally, businesses can easily place an audio file, video, or image on a WordPress website (“Rampton. January 09, 2015.”).

“Mobile Device Friendly”
WordPress websites work on non personal computer devices like smartphones (“Biglione. February 25, 2014.”). WordPress also offers plugins, such as iThemes Mobile, that allow a firm’s website to be displayed on mobile devices like Blackberries and Androids (“Nick Schäferhoff. September 29, 2014.”). Moreover, there are layouts with the word, responsive, in them, that exist in WordPress. If a business selects a responsive WordPress layout for their website, then that layout will work on a mobile device like an Android. Lastly, firms can change the way that their WordPress website displays so that the menus and pages on their WordPress website display effectively on a mobile device (“LinchPinSEO. July 9, 2015.”).


“Implications for Solutions Resource”
Solutions Resource understands the challenges that small businesses face when finding a technology that they can use to create a website. Therefore, the company utilizes technologies, such as WordPress, to create a website for those markets. That way, the firm can create a website with a technology that allows those customers and potential clients to make updates to their websites without needing to be knowledgeable with languages, such as HTML and CSS. Finally, customers and potential clients should visit Solutions Resource’s website at https://solutionsresource.com/ to learn about the company’s web development services and contact the firm if they have questions.


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