Internship Program (OJT) – Unpaid

Internship Program (OJT) – Unpaid
An internship is a short term professional learning experience that companies offer to help students gain practical work experience within a professional role.

1) Experience: Internship provide industry relevance and real world experience outside of the classroom to put on a professional resume.
2) Exploration: You gain exposure to your field of interest.
3) Skill Development: Through the assignment of tasks and mentoring of the internship program, you can advance your skill set, develop new ones and test what you have already learned.

Job Description:
1) Position/Role depends on the availability like QA, Web Developer, Digital Marketing, Admin Tasks.
2) You will be involved on daily stand up meetings with your team.
3) Conducting research.
4) Documenting software issues.
5) Ability to meet deadlines.
6) Communicate effectively with team members to share progress and address any concern.
7) Assist developers with technical documentation.
8) Other duties assigned by your supervisor.

If qualified for this position, please send resume to:

Jethro Casto by email at [email protected]  or by mail to:


2L Symphony Tower Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, corner Timog Ave, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila



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