The Importance of Having An App For Your Business


“Importance of Having An App”

Gallup survey and Scott Shane, a contributor of, point out that the number of times per hour that Americans spend looking for updates on their mobile devices is one (“January 26, 2016.”). Gallup survey and Scott Shane also say that the amount of time that Americans spend with a mobile device app during the times that they check their phones is 90% (“January 26, 2016.”).  Therefore, small businesses must have an app to attract additional website visitors to their website.

“Benefits Of Having An App”

Small businesses must have an app for several reasons:

  • Attract audiences who use mobile device apps to learn about a business (“Lopez. July 28, 2015.”)
  • Quickly inform markets about the products and services that it offers (“Buildfire. August 12, 2014.”)
  • Provide website visitors with an effective way to purchase a product (“Thompson. November 4, 2015.”)



Small businesses should contact Solutions Resource if they need a mobile app created. That way, Solutions Resource can create an app that attracts the firm’s markets. Small businesses should also choose Solutions Resource for their mobile app needs because Solutions Resource can create an app at a price that those enterprises can afford. Additionally, Solutions Resource can prepare a small firm’s app in a time period that works for them. Lastly, small businesses should visit Solutions Resource’s website at to contact the company and learn about the firm’s mobile app


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