Importance of Having An App For Your Business


“Importance of Having An App”

Donovan Neale-May, executive director of CMO Council, IDC, and Chad Pollitt of Kuno Creative point out that in October 2011, the number of times that an app was placed on a mobile device was 10.9 billion (“2016. and Pollitt and IDC. Tuesday, October 25, 2011”). This means that a lot of people downloaded apps onto their mobile devices. As a result of this trend, small firms must have an app for their operations.

“Additional Benefits Of Having An App”

There are a large number of reasons for why small businesses should have an app:

  • Customers can receive coupons and discounts from a firm through an app (“Thompson. November 4, 2015.”).
  • Provide quick high quality service to customers and potential clients. These internet users could receive an answer to their questions through an app. (“Lopez. July 28, 2015.”).
  • Provide an effective way for an internet user to schedule an appointment with an organization. Appointments can be
  • booked with an app (“Lopez. July 28, 2015.”).



Small businesses should contact Solutions Resource if they need a mobile app created for their operation. That way, those audiences can receive a mobile app from Solutions Resource at a price that they can afford. Additionally, small firms can receive an app for their operations from Solutions Resource in a timely manner. Therefore, those markets should visit Solutions Resource’s website at to contact the company and learn about the firm’s mobile app development services.


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Author: Tyler Nelson-Administrative and Marketing Intern At Solutions Resource, LLC

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