Software Development: Philippines

Life has been a breeze, or rather a common person could swoop to their pursuit, and be productive with such ease, that even a 9-year old child could enrol alone with the help of digital systems, that even a frail sexagenarian could even use Instagram and post a picture of her daily “selfie”.Moreover, a parent could now monitor his child and track his position in the city with the help of GPS and a Tracking App installed in his iDevice or Smartphone. I cannot stress enough how Business Processes the cornerstone and foundation of the society has developed since time immemorial that even mundane processes, such Maintenance, Performance Tracking, Data Management, and Information Dissemination has been so easy that even an undergraduate can do it, try to digress away from the pun, but isn’t it that way nowadays? That has been the help of Software Development especially in the Philippines.

Hence Technological Development has been undervalued by many in the society, looking at is as mere fad, Cynical people even made a banter that it is an excuse of manual-labor and old-fashioned work? But try to emphatically contemplate what life would be without technology? As Software Development goes trendy, the Philippines seem to have no excuse and way out.

Have you wondered what life would be without the help of software automation? Have you ever thought about enrolling in a university and going there yourself only to experience the red tapestry system they offer, even if the university is the crème de la crème of the aristocratic bracket in the society? Have you contemplated what work will be productive without digital systems that can make the workload with ease? A question to put relatively in mind is… “What kind of life we would have today, if people would have not braved their lives for the development of technology?”

Fear not, since the dawn of the 21st Century the prevalence of technology and new pioneering feat that has been promulgated and augmented by Information and Technology, work productivity, communication, business processes has been easier than ever.

The Philippines has been one of the beneficiaries due to the residual effects of the Software Development. The Philippines back then devoted its economic growth by means of agricultural processes, such as farming, aquatic resources and fisheries, livestock and natural resources manufacturing. But now it is embodied in a different visage…

Since the entry of the new millennium, specifically the year 2012 – 2013, the Philippine Statistical Authority known as the National Statistical Coordination Board stated in their collated research that Information and Technology has been the 3rd saturated discipline enrolled in the higher education with the exact figures amounting to 409,544. This figure alone already includes pre-baccalaureate, baccalaureate, post-baccalaureate degrees. Such figure is not to be jested but hence to be taken into another perspective, that the demand of the workforce in the Philippines is now capitalized by the trend of Information and Technology.

What are some of the Branches Information and Technology has to offer? One so calm-minded asks his self this question only to arrive in his own surprise an obvious answer. “Have you used a software? Is it useful that it is worth trying?”

What would then be the purpose of Digital Word processing, Electronic spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, E-mails, Digital Databases, Do-It-Yourself Websites, E-commerce, Web-Ads, and Digital Job Databases, Telecommuting a.k.a. Work-at-Home, Social Networking, and Communication?

These are but simple joys that Software Development has to offer, that even a commoner has the right to enjoy, to utilize and be productive; that Software Development in the Philippines will never cease to propagate and help those who are in need.

In summary, Software Development, Web Design, BPOs in their respective infinitesimal way will forever pave the way to good life and forever change the face of this country.

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