Determine The Purchasing Options That Will Be Provided To Customers Who Pay For A Product

Businesses must determine how people will pay for the products that they sell on their website because there are a variety of payment methods that website visitors can take advantage of when they purchase a good from an organization. Some of these payment methods include BrainTree, Pay With Amazon, Stripe, and PayPal (“Dunn. May 21, 2015.”).

As a result of these payment options, enterprises need to design their webpages in a manner that allows people to purchase a product using these payment options. Additionally, businesses need to make sure that these payment options are placed in their transaction webpages where website visitors pay for the products that the firm sells on its website. That way, a person or organization can select that payment method if they want to use it to purchase a good from an entity. In conclusion to this information, firms need to think about the type of business that they are when they design an effective purchasing process for consumers. Enterprises need to think about this information because a payment option that works well on a business to consumer website may not be suitable for an organization that sells products to businesses and nonprofit organizations (“Dunn. May 21, 2015.”).

When selecting a payment option that consumers can take advantage of for purchasing a good, organizations should have Pay With Amazon as a payment option that consumers can take advantage of. Pay With Amazon should be a payment option that organizations should have on their purchasing webpage because it is a payment option that a lot of people use (“Dunn. May 21, 2015.”). Many people use Pay With Amazon because if they have an Amazon Payments Account, then they do not have to spend an unnecessary amount of time placing payment information, such as their card numbers, on a company’s website. Businesses should also have Pay With Amazon as a payment option that people can take advantage of because Pay With Amazon allows people to use an account that they have at their bank as a way to pay for a product that they buy online. Finally, if a person purchased a product from’s website with their Visa or MasterCard, then that individual or organization can log into their account and select the card that they want to use to pay for a product that they buy from another organization without having to place that card information in the firm’s website (“, Inc. 1996-2015.”).

Businesses should also place Stripe as a payment option that people can take advantage of for purchasing goods from their website. A lot of people use Stripe because they are attracted by the interface that exists for this payment option. Moreover, if someone purchases a product using a Stripe account, then they can use Stripe to increase the amount of money that they have for their checking account by taking money out of one of their bank accounts, such as a savings account, and placing it in their checking account (“Dunn. May 21, 2015.”). In conclusion to this information, if someone owned a business, then Stripe analyzes money that a person’s company receives or spends. In this way, Stripe can determine whether or not the transaction occurred as a result of someone breaking into a person’s business account and using that account to purchase goods that the firm did not authorize. That way, enterprises can receive a high level of protection against people and organizations who could break into their accounts and send fraudulent checks to their accounts or use their accounts to purchase products that an entity did not authorize (“Stripe. Copyright Date Unknown.”).


As a company that develops and designs websites for entities, such as small businesses, e-commerce firms, and nonprofit organizations, Solutions Resource must be aware about the payment options that people can take advantage of for purchasing a good from a firm’s website. That way, the enterprise can inform its clients and potential customers about the payment options that they should have on their website so that a person or entity can purchase products from their website. In this way, website visitors will not have to abandon the purchasing process and leave the firm’s website as a result of having a limited number of purchasing options that they can take advantage of for purchasing a product from a business. This is an important piece of information for Solutions Resource to analyze because customers and potential clients pay a lot of money to have the firm provide them with recommendations for improving the purchasing webpages that website visitors travel to to purchase a product from their website. If Solutions Resource does not provide businesses with enough purchasing options for their transaction webpages, then those organizations could lose website visitors and decide not to conduct business with Solutions Resource. As a result of this situation, Solutions Resource could lose the reputation that it looks to establish with its clients and potential customers in terms of being a company that provides high quality web development and design services to those markets. Therefore, Solutions Resource must research the various payment options that people and organizations can take advantage of for purchasing products online so that the firm can provide organizations with recommendations that are effective for improving the transaction webpages that exist on their website. Any entity that has questions about the web design and development services that Solutions Resource offers should contact the business at [email protected] to learn about the services that the firm offers.


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