What is Freightbit?

FreightBit is your logistic partner that you can rely in the automation of your logistical processes.

Who can use FreightBit?

Everyone can use the system including customers, vendors, administrators and operators. A user module manages all users of the system ensuring confidentiality and security — it screens information to display based on the user roles.


Real time administration and monitoring of shippings/bookings; easy tracking of transactions.
Real time notification to clients or shippers via SMS, phone call, email or fax.
Streamline and dependable system access for all users.
System security based on user roles, promoting confidentiality and security.
Computerized generation of documents and reports that are easy to read and are presentable.
Reliable generation of documents and reports anywhere and anytime you need it.
Sleek and responsive user interface design with a touch of class and a wide range of supported devices ensuring system’s mobility and increasing reliability.
State-of-the-art data structure along with modular system design ensuring the accuracy of data provided by the database.