Solutions Resource, as a software developer in Seattle and in the Philippines, offers four engagement models to meet diverse needs of global clients. You can choose from any models below or a combination of them for different phases of your project. We can work with you to customize a model to address your specific need.

Solutions Resource has already been a solutions provider for years to date, customizing systems depending on its clients and business partners' needs such as but is not limited to: Document Management System, Human Resource Management System, Procurement System, and Logistics System.



For middle-sized projects with defined scope and aggressive timelines.

The pricing estimate of a certain project is based on analysis and client verification on its scope, requirements and timeline. It reflects how much it will cost you for us to bring a project to completion. Send us a request for quote and let’s discuss about your project.


For medium and large projects with dynamic scope & structure.

With this mathematical formula – ab + c(1+d) – we compute for the amount of resource utilized during the project time span in terms of money. Let a = number of hours actually required to complete the project; b=pre-negotiated labor rate per hour; c=cost of material actually used and d=pre-determined mark-up on materials. This option is usually attractive when project scope, specification and implementation are hard to define. Let us know if this is your case. We aren’t mathematicians, but we sure do know how to be flexible to your needs!


Borrowing brains for a fee.

Borrowing brains for a fee: We partner with companies to augment their teams with appropriate talent, on either a short-term or long-term basis. In essence, we lend our talents to supply the necessary skill set for budgeted project endeavors. If you need temporary expertise to implement your software development projects in the form of a “capable consultant”, we partner with IT Professionals (among them, software developers in Seattle) who will work with you on a negotiated fixed rate per hour, day, or month. Advantages of this model include zero overheads of hiring, office space, etc., and quick and expertly accomplishment of tasks.


Take advantage of labor arbitrage!

The set-up: A “point technical lead person” is based onshore or at the client site and the rest of the development team will be offshore. The main role of the onshore developer is to gather client requirements, coordinate work offshore and provide technical support and guidance. This option is most efficient since you can take advantage of labor arbitrage.


"The best way to get a project done faster is to start sooner"

Jim Highsmith